Paul had to go on a business trip to Houston last week, over the two possible days for us to sign all of our purchase documents. So he went in to the title company on Monday and signed a power of attorney form so that Catherine could sign for both of us.

Catherine signed all the documents on Wednesday — her hands were aching since in about 300 places, she had to sign her name, then sign it again in Paul’s spot, then write “for Paul Mohr, as his attorney in fact”. We’re even now, as back when we bought 346 Windingwood Ct., Paul had to do the same thing for Catherine.

Anyway, everything went off reasonably smoothly (as these things go), and we recorded on Friday, so the house is now officially ours.

We met with Randy Potter at Vox designs again and are probably going to begin the home design process with them in the next few weeks.