In late October, we were getting close to being able to get final inspection.  We even dared to start maybe thinking about possibly setting a date to plan to move.  The final finishing touches on plumbing and tile were getting completed in the kitchen and bathrooms, and we were getting the hardscape part of the landscaping done so there would be a driveway to drive on, a path to walk up to the front door, a landing when you got there, and a back patio.  As for the soft stuff in the yard, we figured the planting could all happen after we moved.

The kitchen tile finally done… no handles on the cabinets yet

The prep sink in Catherine’s lowered butcher block counter top (for months she’d been standing on cookbooks in the kitchen while cutting in the old kitchen to determine the perfect height for cutting with the big chef’s knife)

Prepping for the landing for the front door

Natalie showing the huge stones that would make up our patios, front walk, and landing

The driveway pavers being laid. We used 4″x18″ pavers – the same aspect ratio used at Stanford at the CCSR building, and had them laid on the same orientation as the house so that they and the paving stones would all change your orientation to our “off kilter” house as soon as you stepped onto the property

You can see that the paving stones immediately change orientation and (hopefully) lead you up to our rather hidden front door. So far most visitors have found our door without too much trouble, but it is a bit hidden

The ground prepped for the rear patio

Black wooden strips secured to the underside of the stairs to narrow the space to that ever-so-critical-for-inspection smaller-than-baby-head size (and fortunately, the addition actually makes the steps seem to “float” even more than they did when you could see the supports)

And AT LAST… final inspection signed off