And so it begins…

After we finished remodeling the bathroom in our current townhouse, Paul had managed to get Catherine to promise that she would refrain from any more remodeling for at least two years. Catherine promised Paul that he could “lock her in a closet” to stop her if it became necessary…

But what if we built a house….?  Technically that isn’t remodeling the townhouse, and true to her word, there are no new plans to remodel the townhouse. Instead, Catherine argued that it would be a good idea to look for a property on which we could build. We wanted to find a house that was either in need of serious renovation, or in need of being razed to the ground and rebuilt. We agreed that we were in no rush, and that the search for a great opportunity would probably take a year or two…

This was where Paul made his mistake. When Catherine focuses on a problem, it doesn’t take a year or two for her to solve it.

So here we are. We have come to an agreement with the sellers on price and contingencies for buying the house.

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