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House Rendering

A Rendering of the House Design

This is going to be a catchup blog… Since there hasn’t been a note for almost a year!   We started with house designs with Forrest Linebarger at VOX Design, and our green home design started to take shape over the summer of 2008.  It became obvious that a design tailored to what we really wanted and needed would be much better than an adapted design because then we could build a smaller house that had everything that we wanted, and nothing that wasn’t important to us.  We were looking at starting in the Fall of 2008, but the signs of the weakening financial market were everywhere, and by our planned start time, the world was in full-fledged financial meltdown…  we ended up deferring for a while, and regrouping, trying to decide whether it was crazy to do this, and we should just put everything on hold, or whether we should figure out how we were going to scrape together the rest of the money and move forward… after a few false starts and lots of delays, we finally decided to move forward in late March of 2009, and deconstruction of the old house started in April 2009.  The next few blog entries are all “background”.

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