Should a “green” house be painted green?

Seeing four spaces at once at the top of the stairs

In our current townhouse, we don’t have much white, and no two rooms are the same color.  Our living room is orange, bedroom green, the office a steely blue, Nat’s room is bright purple and “rocket red”, her bathroom an undersea mural…

looking out from the office

The new house has a very open floor plan, which is wonderful for airflow and light, but it means that the colors we choose for each room will often be visible from other rooms, and the combinations you see will be different depending on where you are.  This called for some careful planning!

Natalie tries out "tangerine" on her North wall

We knew we wanted bold colors, but at this stage in building, we are definitely suffering from “decision fatigue”, and we wanted to find someone who could help us with the process.  At the excellent recommendation of a friend, we found Jana Geller (listed in the contacts link) to help us with both color and stone choices, and have been playing with bold colors that mix and complement from the many different angles that you can see in the house.

Painting this week, then on to flooring and finish work – exciting!

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