Framing, Week 1

The framing after the first week


We put protective sheeting on the garage floor

Made sure we were using FSC lumber! (This means your wood came from sustainably managed forests.)

Osbaldo Romero and his excellent crew arrived and really went to work for the first week of framing!!   Now the space is really starting to feel more like a house!  After the slab was poured, we were wandering around the downstairs floor saying “is this going to be too small??”  We were starting to wonder if in our zeal to build a “right sized” house, we were going to end up with something that felt too small when we were all done, but enclosing the space with the 10 ft walls paradoxically made the space feel larger…  it is funny how these things work.

The view into the wine cellar – it will be a tight space :-)

Ooops! Ouch! We spotted a couple bloody hand prints on the cross beams…

We’re excited to see how this continues in the next week.

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