Fresh Canvas… um… again

The site this weekend… almost indistinguishable from the site a few weeks ago, except for those water tank inlets sticking up waiting to have downspouts trenched to them

It was a very quiet week on the build site… too quiet

After a parade of excavation equipment, excavating out large quantities of dirt, piling it up in a huge pile, bringing it back bit by bit, compacting, installing a water tank…. the site now looks identical to how it looked 3 weeks ago…  we were warned, but is still hard to look at it and feel like a whole lot of progress was made – but, and it is an important but, the ground under where the house is going is now solid and uniform, and when we pour a slab on it, it hopefully won’t settle unevenly and crack.

That was, after all, the whole point.

Loki tries to stow away to Korea

Next week while Catherine is in Korea, the footings will be dug all around the perimeter, and it will start to look like a construction site again.  In about 3 weeks we should have the foundation ready for framing… then it might actually start looking a bit like a house.

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