Grinding forward

Spanish Moss stucco with steel trowel finish

The color coat on the stucco is finally done, and we love how the “Spanish moss” color came out.

The staircase stringers in with temporary steps. The wine "cellar" is also framed in underneath

We wandered through the house today making the final tiny framing details list (only three things on the list!), and marking a few places where the sheet rock needs to be fixed (or put in, as the case may be), but this week SHOULD be finally taping the drywall.   Also, with the stucco now done, the roof can go on, and we can clean up the absolute disaster area the yard has become, and start doing some grading in a couple of weeks.

Some of the biggest excitement comes from finally having the staircase stringers in (something we had started to despair of – there will be a whole separate blog entry on the staircase when I have some final pictures, and my PTSD has settled down)

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