Many more finishes

The staircase finally has the finished treads and is looking great… but not so fast! – it still won’t meet code because the treads have more than a 4″ gap between them. We have a solution for getting our final sign off… stay tuned

The big copper tub that has been sitting upstairs while the house was finished around it finally got its platform and was about to be installed

Part of the plumbing for the tub was putting in a recirculating water heater

Finally in place with water in it. Now the teak decking and screen need to be finished up

The lights for over the stairway went in with our electrician doing the “high wire” act. It is hard to appreciate from this picture just how precarious it feels to be on a scaffold board running between two ladders at the top of a two story stairwell

The finished result of the lights is very nice, however (in this shot they are not *quite* finished as they aren’t all aligned and pointing in the right direction yet

The floor upstairs after the bleaching and sanding getting its first clear coat

The floor in the office with the finished floor

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