Power Poles and Pink Surveyor Stakes

Pink stakes

LIttle pink stakes are all around allowing the excavation team to triangulate to each of the corners of the house. Because they are about 5 feet outside the perimeter, the house footprint looks huge.

Not much visibly changed on the lot this week, but two important things happened.  The first is we got our replacement power pole.  Apparently the first one initially was the wrong kind, and the city didn’t like it, then it wasn’t braced correctly and PG&E didn’t like it.  Now hopefully, the new one is one that everyone will like.. and, more importantly, connect to the grid, as it really would be useful to have power on the site again.  You’d think the guys installing the pole would have known what was acceptable…

Power Pole

Hopefully this is now a properly braced power pole

The second thing that happened is the surveyors came in and put up the pink stakes everywhere showing where the corners of the house would be.  The excavation team had promised to show up “as soon as the stakes were in”, but the stakes were in last Monday… and they ended up essentially saying “um, just kidding, how about next Monday instead?”

When they do show up, a lot of dirt is about to start getting moved around, and they have to get going, because next Friday a crane is showing up with a 9000 gallon water tank, and there needs to be a big hole in the ground for it to go into.  The topsoil is going to be scraped off and set aside, and then the excavated dirt piled in the back yard for use in landscaping.  We did a lot of weeding this weekend so that the topsoil wouldn’t be full of weeds (but unfortunately it will be anyway)

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