Starting finishing

This feels a bit like the home stretch… but it is still going to be a couple months long!

Now the “punch list” starts – endless details as we make sure the tiling, cabinets, lights, electric switches, flooring, shelves, baseboards (not to mention the final connection of the electrical and water and sewer!) all happen.  Many many details..

The kitchen cabinets being installed

The kitchen cabinets in place

A picture from months ago – laying out the pattern for the “stream” mosaic on Natalie’s bathroom floor in the garage of our townhouse

Countless hours later, Catherine’s insane art project is mostly done on the floor of Nat’s bathroom – still waiting on the special order dark blue grout for the “bubbles” in the stream

The metal pieces ready to be assembled into the roof – these are a very cool material which have high reflectivity in direct sunlight (high albedo), but if you look at them at a low angle, they look dark green

The roof FINALLY going on

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