Well, no acid stain yet

This week was supposed to be the acid stain and concrete sealing week, but a patch on the floor that had been covered with a 2×4 for a while, and which had not lightened to the same color as the rest of the floor was STILL not uniform with the surrounding floor, and that pushed off the acid stain.  Since the acid stain is not just a color added to the surface, but a chemical reaction with the concrete, it is best to have it as uniform as possible.  So this week was spent with a high velocity fan blowing on the area and it has lightened up significantly.

But the electricity did get attached to the house, we made one outlet in one bathroom live, and the temp power pole that has been our construction electricity is no more. Other details include downspouts going in, the backsplash tiling in Natalie’s bathroom getting done, a test-fit of the beautiful 2″ thick stair treads (reclaimed Eastern Walnut treads from Restoration Timber, but fabricated into the final form by our cabinet makers Wood Classics), and the rest of the reclaimed walnut flooring getting moved up to the bedroom to get acclimated.

NEXT week is now concrete week, and our door locks should all get installed, and possibly even the solar hot water panels (though, I’m not holding my breath on that one).  The following week the rest of the cabinetry, and the initial installation of the flooring should happen, and we can start on the kitchen tiling and install the appliances.

The mural in Natalie’s bedroom gets more detail

Flooring acclimating in the master bedroom

The test fit of the stair treads – they fit perfectly! The credit goes both to American Steel and Stairways who built the staircase, and to Wood Classics who made the treads!

The treads stacked up in the office acclimating and awaiting final installation with the flooring

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