An Ingenious Solution

A thing of beauty — the fascia boards match up perfectly!

Osbaldo’s crew started work on the lowering of the roof, and managed to do it in less than two days.  We were afraid that they would have to dismantle much of the roofing work that had been done, but not so!

In the picture at right you can see the forward part of the garage ceiling with a little rim of light all around the top edge where they removed the extra height on the plywood sheathing.  They jacked everything up ever so slightly to take the weight off, then disconnected the joists from the cross beam, shortened those joists, and installed a second dropped beam next to the first.  They then cut out the extra height in the vertical studs, and then using the jacks, gently lowered the entire roof down to it’s intended height and reconnected all the joists to beams and studs to the cap plate… and you can see the square, plumb, solid (and correct height) finished result at right.

The library was even easier, as it doesn’t even have walls yet.  Only the moment posts needed to be shortened, and the whole roof could be lowered, and rebolted on to the posts.

When it was all said and done, the process took about a day plus a little, and the crew went straight back to building, and started installing all of the roof trusses that had arrived.

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