Ack! Rain!

They keep forcasting a deluge of water and gale force winds for this week… Straw? Wood? Maybe we should be building our house out of stone!

This week has been a mad scramble to get the straw for the strawbale construction on site and under wraps, trying to find a straw bale consultant who both returns phone calls and can work on our schedule.  We’re rushing to get the roof on and papered so that we aren’t flooded when what sounds like hurricane Katrina hits (if you believe the hysterical weathermen).  We’ve got plastic on hand to tent the whole house.

Meanwhile we broke a waterpipe (way too exciting), and have been busy cutting down trees, renovating the cottage, and mending fences on the property in every spare moment – a taste of actually living there!

When the weather clears, we’re hoping (really really hoping) for a “bale raising” on October 24th and 25th.  Those of you locally reading the blog will find yourselves with an invitation for bale raising, BBQing and beer drinking (after the bales are up!).  More on that later when we really have a date.

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