Stuff Starts Arriving

With both Paul and Catherine traveling so much in the last few weeks, blogging has been a bit sporadic, but there many details that are starting to take shape.  The plumbers, electricians and HVAC guys are drilling holes everwhere and running pipe, wire and ducts respectively all over. Windows, doors, and even the big copper ofuro (Japanese soaking bathtub) are now arriving and will soon be ready to be put in. Luckily we discovered the ofuro would be too large to get through the doors before the doors were put on, so it will end up sitting in the bedroom while the house is built around it!

Meanwhile, the cedar boards are being installed in the eaves, and it is looking really nice! Also, Michele Landegger from Boa Constructor has been overseeing the prep for the bale raising with Donyat – a local legend in straw bale construction. In two pictures below, you can see the final base for the bale wall and then another photo after the first row of bales has gone in. It is now ready for the bale raising party on November 21st!

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