After the Rain

The mad scramble to get the house at least a little water tight before the big rain was only partially successful.  The roofers couldn’t get to our site in time, so Osbaldo and his crew put tarps all over the house drawing the ire of our neighbors as we were hammering tarps down until almost 7 pm that night.  A nice, very understanding officer from the Mountain View police department came by to tell us that because someone had called, we had to stop, but he let us get the last tarp on before the rain hit.  Luckily the straw was well protected.  The great room still got a bit flooded as it’s roof wasn’t tarped fully, but the upstairs and the straw stayed dry.  A few days after the rain, the roofers came and put the roof paper on.

Now that it will stay dry, the interior work is moving forward.  Electrical, plumbing, HVAC ductwork and lighting are all going in.  The framing for the bay window in the master bedroom has become a favorite perch for Natalie, and she will miss entering her room by climbing up the ladder and slipping in between the studs in her big curved wall, but I don’t think we’ll miss that too much!

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