Bale Raising Date is Set!

Come get hands-on, physical and dusty!  Learn about straw bale building while helping us build the straw bale walls for our library. We will be trimming, notching & stacking the straw bales that make the exterior walls of our superinsulated library.  We’ll supply the bales and tools… but bring gloves if you have them.

Kids are welcome, we have a play structure in the back, mounds of dirt, and lots of sharp objects lying around from construction (just kidding, we’ll rake everything up before the bale raising).  We’ll have supervision for the kids in the back and middle yards, and have art projects, and other activities for them to do.  We will, of course, feed you and we’ll all have a big BBQ at the end with plenty of beer!

RSVP with number of adults and kids (with ages) so we can plan food and activities accordingly.

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