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Removal of Contingencies

After extensive research with the people in City Hall, we figured that at worst we’d  end up having to run new sewer and water lines to the cottage, but that we weren’t going to be able to tell ahead of time whether this would be required (no one in the building department or public works […]


Catherine has been spending quite a bit of time in the building pictured, trying to figure out whether we will be able to replace the main house at 301 Monroe with a new one, while keeping the cottage. This is really the last major contingency relating to the property, and if we get answers that […]

VOX Design

Catherine and I spoke with Randy Potter from Vox Design in Mountain View today about custom home designs. He made some pretty compelling pitches about the way in which they go about designing custom homes. They work closely with project managers, contractors, and craftsmen that do finish work to (according to his pitch) ensure that […]

House Plans

Things move fast. We’re arranging for our loan, and are also starting the planning process for the house. We are planning on staying in our current townhouse during the planning an building; there are tenants living in the main house on the property as well as in the little guest house in the back, and […]

And so it begins…

After we finished remodeling the bathroom in our current townhouse, Paul had managed to get Catherine to promise that she would refrain from any more remodeling for at least two years. Catherine promised Paul that he could “lock her in a closet” to stop her if it became necessary… But what if we built a […]